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In the spring of 2004 Tony and Nancy Hopp commissioned me to do a home remodel and addition to their vacation home in Carmel by the Sea, California. Prior to this I had been their contractor for a total make over and addition to this same residence in 1996.

Both projects presented a number of challenges. The lots in Carmel are very small and wooded with Oak trees. The Oak trees in the city limits of Carmel are highly cherished and strictly protected by law. We needed to do extensive demolition and new construction in a very tight space between a number of very large Oaks. The excavation and foundation installation was a particularly tedious process given the limited work area.

Another test was the fact that this home remodel and addition had a strict project  time line of a little over three months to completion. I had recently relocated back to Bozeman. I decided to take on the project because not only had the Hopp’s been prior clients, but they had become my good friends. I also had a long prior working relationship with John Mandurrago, their project designer.

I was fortunate to engage the services of my original sub contractors as well as being able to round-up my old crew. The key to successful completion of this type of time sensitive job is great organization and good people. A contractor is only as good as the people he works with, and this job was no exception. Our scheduling for the project time line was aggressive, but every sub involved came through and did their part. We finished this complex home remodel and addition within the  project time line and on budget. Tony and Nancy were very appreciative, and continue to enjoy their home to this day.

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